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So, this is what I’ve been thinking. I haven’t very much enjoyed this diet the past couple of weeks.  If I can make it only 2 more days, I will have been on it for two weeks.  Yay! Go me!  It’s true, I do feel better, haven’t had as much gas or bloating, etc.  But I’m bored of eating the same exact foods!  It’s getting really old.  Plus, we have cookies in the refrigerator and I want them AND we’re having nachos tonight that I’d like to eat as well.  So…what’s a girl to do?  I think I need to focus on two things as I still continue this weight-loss journey.  1) I want to pray about it and really have God with me, and 2) I forgot the other thing.

Oh yeah…2) set some rules up.  You know, we have rules in life to keep us safe.  For instance: 

1. I always brush my teeeth everyday.

2. I get 7-8 hours of sleep a day.

3. I try to exercise.

So, if I’m setting all these rules, I need to learn to set rules up for my health.  I need to learn to only eat when I’m hungry.  Or only eat 2 cookies, etc.  So….maybe I’ll follow some “rules.”  Here are some off the top of my head:

1. Eat healthy 85% of the time.  Veggies, fruit, whole grains, protein.

2. You may have sugar and bread – just in moderation! You can not eat continuously all the time.  You’ve eaten to make yourself sick before and that wasn’t good.  So, here are some ground rules: you may have 1 “treat” a day – whether that’s candy, cookies, ice cream, etc.  But only 1! And make it in moderation.

3. Run. 🙂


A week and a half!


Yay go me!! I’ve made it a week and a half on this yeast free diet. It’s crazy!

I just ate an entire bag if Quakers mini cheddar cheese rice cakes. Oops. That’s 30 grams of fat today. Yikes.

I honestly just want to go dig in to the ice cream container or open that bag of chocolate chips but I’m not going to! I’m strong willed and just a hint crazy. Oh well. Only 3 more days and it will be two weeks!! Wow!

But….on the flip side, my headaches have gone away and my indigestion and gassy-ness has gone away too!!! 🙂

Almost 1 week! Yikes!


Ok…so, it’s really not that hard as I thought it would be.  I eat a lot of whole grains, veggies, and eggs and beans.  I like those foods.  And I honestly did well today when I brought in 4 dozen cookies for my students (chocolate chip, peanut butter and sugar!) and didn’t want one.  I wasn’t even tempted! 🙂 And a student brought in a cake that looked great, but I didn’t want it either. I’m proud of myself.

Until I got home tonight.  I wasn’t even hungry, but I ate 2 bowls of popcorn.  WITH MELTED BUTTER! I guess I’m craving fat??? I don’t know.  It was really yummy, but now I feel bad. 

So.  All in all, it’s been a good week of eating! I’d like to do better about the popcorn though.  We’ll see how that goes! 🙂 I’m proud though, too cuz I FIT INTO MY BLUE PANTS FROM J CREW THAT I HAVEN’T WORN IN 4 YEARS!!!! 🙂 Yay! GO ME!

I’m tired…but feel good! :)


So here’s a list of changes I notice so far:

1. Not gas-sy.

2. I don’t hurt.

3. I’m not bloated.

4. In general, I feel good.  I have headaches but that’s because I don’t think I’m getting enough nutrients or calories.  I’m going to try to do better, though.  Here’s what I ate today so far: 2 eggs, scrambled.  3 cups of whole wheat linguine at Olive Garden.  I bought hummus and quinoa at the grocery store and I’ll try that this week sometime.  I’m making tilapia tomorrow with mixed vegetables. Yum! 🙂

So far I’m doing good!  Only 3 more days and I’ll be done with  my first week!

OH! And the sugar cravings have gone away! 🙂 Yay!

Day 3…and I’m tempted.


So Brandon graduated tonight and here’s a list of celebratory food:

Cake and ice cream
Jonathan’s cookies
The Brook

Ummmm so it’s very tempting to eat all this crap. I actually did awesome today except it was hard when I was eating steamed veggies and everyone else was eating fried chicken, French fries with cheese and bacon, and nachos!!

It was so hard to not give in. But, like one of my favorite students Will says “Resist temptation!” So I did. And I’m proud. I conquered!!

Each step I take and each healthy choice I make is leading to a thinner, healthier me! That’s my goal. And even if it’s hard I know I can succeed. At least three weeks!! 😉

Day 2. And starting over tomorrow.


So I tried hard.  I really did.  But today was just a bad day.  It wasn’t actually bad, though.  I had the BEST concert I’ve ever had at Mannford AND I got a new job in Ankeny! So let me explain how I got off track today and what I can do tomorrow to improve upon.

Last night I felt weird.  Fatigued and rreally tired.  Like, not a good feeling.  So I had a diet coke at Olive Garden with my brother.  😦  I had 2 full glasses.  And I NEVER need 2 glasses at a restaurant! Never.

So then I just gave up today.  had a diet coke for breakfast because I wanted to be energized and alert for my job interview in Ankeny.  So then we stopped at Five Guys in Libery, MO and I had french fries and a half a hamburger.  Then we ate at Chili’s tonight and I had half a burger and chips.

Yeah.  Bad day.  But tomorrow – I”M DOING IT! ALL THE FREAKING WAY! 🙂 HERE I GO! WISH ME LUCK!