Travelling and going yeast-free


So I’m updating from the Denver airport as I await my flight to Des Moines. This is day 1 of my yeast free diet. It’s hard. I knew it would be, though, so that helps. Having realistic expectations always helps when you’re trying something new and difficult. I was hungry so I wanted lunch. Thought maybe theyhauls have a Subwa.  No such luck. McDonalds – yes. So I ordered a salad. The Southwest Chicken Salad. Southwest – New Mexico? Arizona? Salad. I got the grilled chicken so, go me!! But then my salad arrived. It had cheese, tortilla strips and sauce on it. Sugary sauce. Well dang it! I paid $6 for that salad so I thought I should go ahead and eat it. But it was gross. The chicken was rubbery and nasty. Threw it away. 

Walked around looking for other healthy options. No fruit. Bummer. Ok, so I found a convenient store and examined their seed and nut options. Found raw almonds. Score!! Had to look it up though to make sure I can eat raw almonds. I can. Or so, I’m almost 99.9% sure! They’re good and at least I’m not hungry. 

Jonathan wants to go out to eat tonight. That’s tough. I suggested Olive Garden cuz I know I can get whole wheat pasta there – no sauce. Hopefully we’ll do that! so..until next time! 

Oh yes! P.S. I read an article in Newsweek about obesity in America. That helped me a lot to realize what I am striving to do is really good. Go me!! Almost done with Day 1. I can do this! I can do this to feel better and have more energy, to look better and lose weight and to make myself healthy. 🙂 I’m doing the right thing I know! 🙂 


About healthygirl2

I am a vocal music teacher. I love my job and hope to find one in Iowa when my husband and I move in June. We have a 3-yr old Golden Retriever named Riley. I enjoy running, yoga, watching movies and my favorite tv shows, playing board games and hanging out. :)

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