No title…cuz there are hardly words.


Omg. 😦 Not good.

So, I quit my diet last Sunday thinking I could slowly start to enter in the foods I wasn’t eating – sugar, bread, dairy, etc. I started out great!! Only a little bowl of ice cream, only a few chips, ate my veggies and beans and worked out.

But then I just fell off. Was practically a magnet to the ground. And it SUCKS!!! I’ve realized that sugar and yeast give me soooooooo much stomach/intestinal crap! It HURTS!!!! The worst gas pains ever! I made this awesome caramel, pretzel dessert/snack thing, and it was amazing. So I eat a little bit of it at home after I make it, and I did great! Then we went to a friends house where I proceeded to eat a LOT more….along with 3 slices of Pizza Hut pizza! 😦 The worst gas pains ever. It just completely sucked.

I made the same dish yesterday thinking show choir would eat it. Nope! Only Gabby and Dae’lyn had a little bit. 😦 Plus then I get frozen yogurt twice yesterday – once with Josh and the rest with show choir.

Follow that with eating out a ton with friends this entire week! And lots of Mexican food.

So, all this is to say that after today I will be going back on a yeast free diet. This is just pathetic. 😦


About healthygirl2

I am a vocal music teacher. I love my job and hope to find one in Iowa when my husband and I move in June. We have a 3-yr old Golden Retriever named Riley. I enjoy running, yoga, watching movies and my favorite tv shows, playing board games and hanging out. :)

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